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From the makers of YouTube – ‘MixBit’, a video editing/sharing app

 mixbitYouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are back with their new innovation ‘MixBit’ – with a slight different vision this time. Started YouTube to make it easy for everyone to share videos the duo is now on to “helping people to make great videos.”

With an android version to be rolled out in September – its iOS app is free to download. Moreover one does not need to register in order to make and post a video – the simple signup process though allow users to easily manage their published projects during their comebacks.

How it works ?mixbit-2

To shoot a new set of videos, one can enter the record mode by hitting the Plus button located at the top right corner of the screen. Users can capture up to 16 seconds of videos and save them to their phones. One can also record the video in landscape mode and bring in saved clips – on top of freely borrowing clips from other MixBit users and thus save efforts to shoot a fresh piece. Once the videos are shot, each portion of the videos recorded can be trimmed, re-ordered or deleted (upto 256 clips). When the editing is done – just share sharing of the masterpiece online over social platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. via its android app or its website.

Contrary to other video apps like Vine or Instagram which are focused on creating a social network of videos, MixBit is about editing different video clips together to create a personalized video – and sharing the art with the world. Maximum length of a video uploaded could be from few seconds to as long as 68 minutes.

At first glance and in functionality, the app scores pretty decent as compared to already available other similar apps. But will this be the next best video-sharing app or would only manage to get few downloads on the name Chad and Steve – will be uncovered in the coming time.

However for those who are polishing their directional stills in filmmaking – its a must download.

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