Looker raises USD 16 mn for its new age BI tools

LookerA US based big data and analytic startup Looker has raised $16 Mn in series A funding in a round led by Redpoint Ventures, with contributions from First Round Capital and previous seed-round investors.

The company claims to offer most simplified data driven discoveries and data exploration capabilities with its proprietary language LookML, which “radically simplifies the process of scripting and recycling SQL queries.”

As most of the other BI systems are based on SQL, which is next to impossible for a non-programmer to pull out the data and make a sense out of it – Looker allows anyone to easily query large data sets. LookML simplifies the process of scripting and recycling SQL queries.

“We’re Business Intelligence for the under-40 crowd, and the response to our product really shows that we’ve found a substantially undeserved market that was ripe for innovation,” said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker. The Looker platform provides a modern leverage point for data analysts to service their business user populations effectively and efficiently.”

According to Tomasz Tunguz, Principal at Redpoint Ventures the future innovation in big data is going to be the democratization of data, i.e. enabling each and every employee in the company to get a solution of their own queries without having to ask of the data team for it and Looker “catalyzes that wave”.

Founded in 2011, the company being operated in stealth mode for around an year, launched its business intelligence platform in March this year with 20 clients. The company has grown rapidly in the past five months of its operations and has managed to “double its customer base” to a total of 40 data driven companies. It offers businesses services like data discovery and data modelling with real time collaboration and sharing.

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