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Location based mobile audience targeting platform Ubimo raises USD 2mn

UbimoIsrael based, Ubimo, a startup that helps advertisers in location based mobile audience targeting has raised USD 2 mn in seed round led by Pitango Venture Capital along-with the participation of serial entrepreneur and angel investor Eyal Gura.

Ubimo allows advertisers to leverage location based data and programmatic buying, to efficiently manage media across multiple locations and events.

Ubimo was founded with a sole mission, to transform mobile advertising. The team at ubimo believes that understanding location data is key factor to provide its users with better services and content, serving less ads along with better results.

The platform built strives to intensify and relate real life context to provide helpful information at the right time, while providing the advertisers with real, quality insights about their online digital marketing strategy.

At the core, the company uses a unique context matrix technology, that analyzes multiple locations, based on signals, to extract advance location semantics. Thus, helping the advertisers to actually find out the right time and place of posting ads without having the access to the user’s’ browsing history. Therefore, the platform provides a useful feature by helping advertisers to post ads to specific mobile audience.

Ben-Yair explained in an email to Techcrunch, that with many years of experience on mobile both from the publisher and the advertiser perspective, they identified a gap between the amount of time users spend on mobile and the quality of advertising solutions. They thought that the key factor missing in this field is the understanding of the user context, which is very different in mobile. Unlike web, mobile context is about the user is and what they are doing. They believe that by using these location signals, they can help advertisers to effectively deliver better ads that are more relevant to the current user experience.

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