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LinkedIn opens its doors for high school students, launches University Pages

LinkedinWith a network of over 225 million users representing over 200 countries around the world, LinkedIn has proven itself a much sought networking site for business professionals. Now taking a step further, it has recently launched University Pages on the portal, as disclosed in a blog post.

The initiative aims at helping students in making their first, big decision about where to attend college, thereby making the transition path from school to college a bit easy. It will provide regular updates about campus news and activities from the schools themselves, thereby offering a place for discussing things and asking questions and engage with both the campus community and alumni of schools.

A University page on the LinkedIn network will be featured as below:


It will provide the upcoming graduates an opportunity to explore colleges worldwide to see which schools will get them to their goal. In addition, the University Pages will provide a glimpse of opportunities available after completing their graduation course by connecting high school students with the alumni. Thus helping them to explore the notable alumni who have done great things since graduation. It can also be used to connect with current and future classmates, thereby helping in growing their professional network in early stages only.

The high school students can get access to LinkedIn University Pages from coming September 12. At present around 200 universities have adopted these pages including INSEAD,New York University, University of California San Diego, Fundação Getúlio Vargas,University of Michigan, Villanova, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, and many more.

Since its inception, LinkedIn has grown itself to incomparable heights. Although, the initiative comes up with good motive, the teenage world is currently full with the attractions of platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tumbler,etc. Thus, it would be really great to see whether LinkedIn would be able to gain the similar place among teens as it has in the business world.

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