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Line corporation – 2013 second quarter earnings, the market-plan and other updates

lineLine, a Toykyo based free calling and messaging app has revealed its total earnings for the quarter ending June 30, 2013. The group has reportedly seen a 45.3% increase in its revenues as compared to the quarter before and a whopping 348.9% increase, if compared to the same term last year. The revenue for its core business LINE, was over US $100 million (at 1JPN equals US $0.010), an increase of 66.9% compared to the previous quarter – representing 76% of LINE Corporation’s total revenue.

Given the fact that out of total 200 million users bar that company reported earlier last month, it added 100 million in past 6 months alone the figures do not give much of a surprise.Second-Quarter-2013--Line

Talking of the LINE Corporation’s total revenue for the quarter, the figures stayed at over US $133 million. “This can be attributed to the healthy growth of its LINE and advertising businesses.” said the company.

“We have been experimenting with new business models for the smartphone era, and the improvement in our performance this quarter is a symbol of their success. We will continue to actively invest in new opportunities and conduct new challenges so as to become a common piece of communication infrastructure worldwide, and aim to achieve 300 million users within 2013.” said Akira Morikawa, CEO of LINE Corporation.

Line pitching on International markets

Line has maximum users (around 70 percent) outside Japan. The company revealed that its focus lies in strengthening global marketing efforts through television commercials and joint promotions in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, and South American countries such as Mexico – while working simultaneously to provide better and attractive services to its users.

Within its increasing worldwide user base, the company has specifically seen high growth in countries like Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain and Indonesia.

Line in India

The fact that India is one of the largest and fastest growing mobile-phone market worldwide. A number of players like WeChat, Hike have recently entered the market. Following the footsteps, Line was launched officially in India in July.

The company is continuously doing an aggressive TV marketing to gain the market percentage. According to Jun Masuda, Chief of Strategy and Marketing, Line managed to gain five million users in three weeks after launch.

Line vs the competition

Compared to Line’s 200 mn user based, Kakao Talk (Korean mobile messaging service) has passed 100 million registered in July, whereas its biggest rival Weixin (also known as WeChat) is close to hitting 400 million thanks to its huge popularity in China’s 1.3 billion population.

Its revenue source

Line monetizes from three sources – Virtual Stickers, game items and its partner companies who market their products/services via Line.

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