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IforindiaThe quality of Indian politics, many argue, has declined drastically in last few decades. Politicians today are seen as corrupt and disinterested in serious reform. The increasing number of politicians with criminal records and the brazen use of money to buy party tickets and bribe voters has completely polluted the democratic process. And when it comes to raising a voice against corrupt ones we often find ourselves helpless and moreover resource-less.

To change this a web based platform, iForIndia has started an online movement to empower general public and provide them with a platform to express their views on elected representatives like MLAs, MPs – by rating them on various issues like law and order, basic infrastructure, electricity, sanitation, developmental investment, corruption etc.

The idea is to generate a report card of elected representative’s performance and share the data under public domain – once it generates significant data – via other media platforms. The organisation is also planning to organise a talk-show on TV to openly discuss about such parameters.

According to iForIndia – using public feedback, officials will be able to make informed decisions and help rebuild trust in the government by addressing public dissatisfaction.

The website offers user-friendly interface and provides citizens a confidential way to rate services using a password protected account.

As far as security is concerned, at backend the platform continuously run mobile number authentication and fraud check algorithms to ensure that the identity of individuals rating their elected officials doesn’t get compromised and that the system remains defensible against fake users and multiple account holders. The portal also prompts to provide a phone number while making a login ID – to prevent the problem of rigged polls – and verifies the number to make sure that it belongs to an actual person.

Working with a vision of bringing change to the society, iForIndia claims not to make any money for personal growth. However from a self-sustainable point – it tries to generate funds through Donations and Media Partnerships.

The roots of iForIndia were laid by a strong founding team. Its founders Ankur Garg and Tarun Jain have left behind their successful careers to start up iForIndia. Working as the Lead for Customer & Partner Experience, Microsoft Corporation (India), Ankur left his 7 years long association with Microsoft in September and started working full time on iForIndia. Tarun moved from Virginia, US where he was working as a Senior Business Analyst at Capital One Financial. He also works as a creative director at Luv Films along with iForIndia.

With today’s generation being more active to engage with political and development issues of the country, platforms like iForIndia further encourage more people to come together and question the accountability of government while pushing the democratic process in the right way.

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