Handling multi-channel selling on various ecommerce marketplaces ? Try Browntape

browntapeOn a few major marketplaces in India that are live today including eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Tradus and Shopclues over 50,000 merchants sell their products. With a lot of them them having started with a single platform, are now selling on 4 or 5 sites simultaneously. Many of them have their own branded sites as well but work with other affiliate networks too.

Now talking from a merchant’s perspective – they live in overburden of excel-sheets who log into the sites where they have showcased their inventory, every morning, in different tabs, and copy paste orders into a central database of excel-sheets. Some other manually type the order details into Tally. Trying to solve this problem of Indian marketplace merchants – Browntape, a Goa based startup has come up with an automated process to eliminate the need of heavy and slow excel sheets.

The platform integrates with all the marketplaces and bring the orders for a merchant to one single console – on top of generating all the the shipping labels in one click. Moreover, the merchants get a common sales analytics for all their channels and thus helps them in getting a centralized inventory system.

Designed to help merchants reduce mistakes and speed up their processes by 10 times, the platform uses barcodes heavily to provide a reliable solution. “The barcodes are also a pleasure to use. You will notice many small nuances which help avoid common mistakes. We owe it to the guys who will spend all day logged-in to Browntape” added Piyush Goel Product Head and Co-founder at Browntape.

Already integrated with eBay, Amazon, Shopclues, Tradus and Shopify – the company is further adding Snapdeal, Flipkart, Rediff, Naaptol, Magento and few others in future. “We knew from the start that we will need to integrate with a lot of marketplaces. This is why our technical architecture is so designed that we can add a new marketplace in 2 to 3 weeks” Ian Morgan, Technology Head and Co-founder at Browntape.

In just 6 months of operations, the platform has already have 98 trial sign-ups with practically no marketing effort. Talking of some figures, Gurpreet Singh, CEO and co-founder said that Rs. 8.9 crores worth orders have flown through their platform.

Trying to solve a pain-point of a growing Indian retail ecommerce which is believed to be the fastest growing ecommerce market in Asia Pacific at the rate of 57% CAGR between 2012-2016 – the company sees the niche with a big opportunity.

A major chunk of this growth will come from marketplaces. The merchants are hence the backbone and need to be given tools that help them scale to face the upcoming opportunity and its strong founding team of PhDs indeed seem to be well positioned to attack this problem.

Browntape has a quirky side to it. Their office is based in Goa and overlooks the valley of a bird sanctuary and they claim that it brings much higher productivity & creativity in the work of the team.

Other platforms working close to Browntape include BoostMySaleChannelAdvisor and more.

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    There are lot of choices for ecommerce companies in India now, however one caught my attention is this Boostmysale. Got to know some of their clients who are like Cadbury, Durian, Borosil, Dabur, Goodricke Tea, ROOI, etc.

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    Dear All, If any one interested in multichannel selling in India marketplaces and expand into international marketplaces in UK and US , please visit Selro. Selro multichannel selling platform is comming to India with the integration with FlipKart and PayTM to start with in August 2015. Stay tuned. Kind regards Selro Team

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    Browntape seems to be a great platform for online sellers. One of my friend will be really happy to hear about it because he and his team is stuck in maintaining all the inventory in excel sheets.

    I wonder how could Browntape manage to integrate with Amazon, ebay, flipkart and snapdeal? Do they provide any API or something?

  4. 5

    Dear Tanuj & Piyush,

    Thanks for your kind support in resolving our concern, it’s our mistake that we squandered our one week on Brown Tape. Sorry to say, but brown tape’s apathetic working style and snail like speed is not what we expected.

    Resolving issue is another thing but we didn’t even get a courtesy call from anyone from Browntape referenced and included in the communication even after dropping so many messages and calls, including your sales person who was responding calls and messages late night before getting cheques in hand.

    Anyways I have never worked with a team like Browntape, once again thank you so much for having such a long meeting for resolving our issue which is still continuing between tanuj and his team.

    It’s our bad luck that we will not be able to work with such a vigorous company

    Because of the lack of interest shown by you in resolving or clearing matters and lack of clarity on miscommunication and false promises to us I NO LONGER WANT TO CONTINUE WITH BROWNTAPE.

    I have already stopped the payment of my first cheque, kindly return my all the cheques by TODAY ONLY, hope you guys will show the same velocity in returning the cheques as shown at the time of collection.

    Please confirm receipt of this mail without killing more time so that we can concentrate on some productive work, thanks for your prompt action in this matter.


    Karun Fashions

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    According to me, pricing don’t matter, if customer get the best services. I like the given article as well as I hope you will provide the better services too.

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    Pricing is not clear or mentioned on their website after the free period? no clear details when flipkart and other major marketplaces in India will be added.

    Need to be more transparent to gain confidence from prospective clients.

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