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Google raised reward for its Chromium bug hunters

Google-bug-huntersWhere Facebook has given out over $1 million to those who poke holes into its system for the purpose of bug fixing, Google so far has spent over $2 million in its bug bounty program since its launch three years ago. And that’s not it – it really, really wants you to further keep hacking its software – for good!

Google last week has announced to raise the reward for bug hunters for its Chromium Vulnerability Rewards program to $5000 for those previously rated at $1000.

Talking of the hike in rewards, Google said that in many cases, this will be a 5x increase in reward. The company will pay higher reward to hackers who will provide accurate analysis of “exploitability and severity” of bugs that are believed to be presenting a higher risk/threat to its users.

Since the launch of the program Google has rewarded researchers for reporting more than 2,000 security issues in Chromium and its Web applications.

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Moreover, the company has not limited the fun by making it just a means of earning hard cash, it rather has positioned the program as more of a competition between hackers. Check out its Hall of Fame list for all the hot-shots. Judging from the list, a small elite of researchers seems to be already making a decent living from the rewards.

However, the increase in prize also poses a hint to fewer submission of bugs by people – which might have pushed Google to do so. Whatever’s the reason behind, the increase in bounty would definitely put a grin on the faces of all those bug hunters out there.

Those who are interested in such activity – check out the official bug reporting Guidelines.

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