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Google Play ranks second in mobile gaming spending – Apple iOS stays at top

apple-androidConsumer spending on Google Play store has surpassed spending on games than popular handheld consoles like Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation – Cheers to Android mobile game developers!

With most of the money still going to Apple, as provided in the report released by International Data Corporation (IDC) and App Annie, consumer spending on games for iOS App Store & Google Play combined rose to 4x that of gaming-optimized handhelds. However the report primarily focuses on consumer spending on mobile and handheld gaming devices during Q2, 2013.

The report also stated that for Google Play store, most of the revenues came from Asia- Pacific, especially Japan & South Korea.

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At least for positioning, Google Play has managed to push Nintendo and Sony down into third place. This either means that Google’s games strategy is on the right track or increase in Android penetration over iPhone and other smartphones is resulting into popularity of Google Play Store. Moreover it would not be wrong to say a big thanks to Samsung for that.

So What helped the shift?

In an interview, Google Play’s lead manager Greg Hartrell told AllThingsD that three out of four Android users play games. According to him, growing Android revenues are because of three main factors: expansion of Google Play into 130 countries (from a total of 30 in 2011), developers offering features like cloud saving and multiplayer options and new ways to collect revenues including direct carrier billing.

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Well, where the increase in android portion of the overall portable/mobile gaming industry is a good news for Android game developers, it’s good for Android players as well as they get to play and compete with more skilled players.

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