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Google launches new ad unit for responsive sites to help display advertisers

Google has introduced a new responsive AdSense unit in beta, designed to run on sites that automatically adapt themselves as per the screen size, resolutions and user experiences.

This will help web advertisers to easily handle their ad campaigns on any responsive website. However, developers need to make sure that size of the ad unit in terms of width and height matches to Google’s standard ad sizes.

The feature works as per Adsense’s earlier released asynchronous ad code, allowing developers to use similar CSS media queries they are used to, to build these responsive ad units.

Since the feature has to be further developed, the code is currently responsive on initial page load only. It does not support any screen orientation changes after the initial page load. This is yet to be introduced. Google also mentions that developers – using this new ad code – need to set default ad size to make their ads cross browser compatible as few browser do not support CSS media queries.

Earlier Google allowed developers to modify the AdSense code to manually adjust the ad units and make them compatible to responsive web pages. Today’s revision will further make the process more automated and simplified.

This move can be seen as a further development to crack the code for ‘mobile advertising’ and solve the dilemma of web publishers or display advertisers.

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