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Google extends support to Hindi language

GoogleindiaGoogle Inc., after recently introducing support to Hindi and Thai handwriting tool to its Android based Google translate app, has now extended its support to Hindi language, as announced in a recent blog post.

The new feature will allow a user to scribble words in Hindi using his fingers or a stylus on the touchscreen of a phone or tablet. Google will then recognize the word and perform a search query. A user can also use the similar feature to translate Hindi words into English through the Google Translate app.

According to a Google spokesperson, this new feature intends to make hindi internet simpler to use, keeping in mind the excessive offline usage of the language in print and TV media. The team, which aims to bring in 300 Million more Indian users online, also analysed that currently less than 10% of internet usage is in Indian languages.

Its easy to start scribbling away online using Google’s input tools:

  • Go to in mobile browser, tap on “Settings” at the bottom of the screen

  • Then, go to Search Settings  and enable “Handwrite.”

  • Change language in Google products to Hindi.

  • Also add “Hindi” as a Language of Search Results


Once the feature is enabled, a user can tap the Handwrite icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to activate Handwrite mode.

Handwrite is currently enabled for Android 2.3+ phones, Android 4.0+ tablets and for iOS5+ devices — in over 30 international languages. In addition, Android version Jelly Bean 4.3.can now purely be used in Hindi. Also recently, the leading smartphone giant Samsung has also added the similar interface support to 9 local languages including Hindi to its Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

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