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Google bought smartwatch company WIMM Labs

wimm-googleIn a warzone of smart-watches, Google has reportedly bought a smartwatch manufacturer – WIMM Labs, in an effort to bolster its plans for wearable devices. However, the acquisition took place last year last year and the company would possibly be working on its project to release its own branded smart-watch from quite some time now.

WIMM Labs release its first smart-watch in 2011. Powered by Android the ‘WIMM One’ also provided a platform for developers to code their apps – that were made available for users on its own micro app store, on top of other features like  Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and a capacitive touch screen.

When WIMM Labs was taken over by Google, the company deleted its official account on Twitter, stopped sales of the WIMM One, and published a message on its website saying “During the summer of 2012, WIMM Labs entered into an exclusive, confidential relationship for our technology and ceased sales of the Developer Preview Kit.”

If the reports are true – which, was first provided on Gigaom – and later “confirmed to The Verge by a Google spokesperson” – chances are that Google will soon be joining Samsung and Apple in their pursuit of making smart-watches.

However, any announcement regarding the acquisition and the release date (of its smartwatch) aren’t provided officially by Google so far.

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