Freshbooks – A cloud based personal accounting solution

freshbooks-Logo-1Working freelance for a company or running a small business? Try Freshbooks. Its a personal accounting mobile app allowing individuals to manage their time, expenses, branded invoices and basically every aspect of business accounting on the go.

This Toronto based app let users to manage their clients and projects, and enable them to keep things like contacts and billing info organised – under one platform. Its Time Tracking feature allow users to keep a definite track of the number of hours worked. For example if one is working on a project with odd hours and no fixed schedule, its Time Tracking feature allows him/her to easily attribute the number of hours worked on the project and share it with the client.Freshbooks Invoices

Supporting nearly 1000 banks, Freshbooks users can also add their bank details with the app and get a receipt of any expense directly on their phone – as a proof to later claim from the company. Or maybe snap a pic manually of the bill and save to expenses of the FreshBooks account.

Freshbooks also allows to submit invoices and get paid accepting payments from PayPal, or its several other payment gateways including Google Checkout, FirstData etc.

Its ability to syncs all the data securely in the cloud offers the flexibility to do accounting from anywhere with a surety that everything is backed up and up-to-date.

Now if you are the owner of a small scale business with having most of the employees working as a freelance – its a must download app to keep a track your employees.

To use the FreshBooks app one needs to make an account. Single users can access most features for free and business packages are $19.95 through $39.95 a month depending on the number of clients. The app which originally was launched on iOS has now been released for Android supporting devices on Wednesday.

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