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Flipkart’s new marketing campaign draws inspiration from Arnab Goswami

flipkart-tvc-imgAfter launching it’s ‘Fashion has a new address’ TVC campaign, Flipkart has now come up with a new TVC campaign India Wants To Know!, drawing inspiration from Arnab Goswami’s  (Editor-in-Chief and News anchor, Times Now) famous TV debate, Newshour.

The campaign is running a teaser “Ab sirf shopping nahi Flipkart karo”, which tried to position Flipkart as a synonym for convenience led online shopping.

The ad doesn’t only plans to inspire the people to shop via Flipkart, but is also promoting online shopping as a whole by talking of why do online shopping. Same as in the TV Debate on Times Now, from whom we think the Campaign Idea is taken from, the dialogues are certainly not much clear, though the justification with brand Flipkart is optimum.

Check out the Ad below

Recently, Flipkart had also moved in an e-book distribution agreement with the California based self-publishing and distribution platform Smashwords.

Started as an online book retailer in 2007, Flipkart has recently raised USD 200 mn funding. The company had also launched payment gateway service Payzippy, introduced voice based search and recently introduced eBooks App for iOS, Windows Phone and browser.

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  1. 1

    What is the whole point ? The company might become a mutli bilion dollar enterprise and the founders might end up as billionaires but they are still residents of a 3rd world country where corruption and filth are more common than air and water ! I would any day prefer to be a middle class citizen in a first world country than being a billionaire in a 3rd world (or 4th now) country .

  2. 2

    Good try but useless. Unless the company makes “margins at unit transaction level”, funding wouldn’t last forever. Either shut down or exit with an IPO.

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