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Feedly launches premium subscription at USD 5 per month

Feedly-1RSS reader, Feedly which has recently launched a New Cloud Platform, ahead of Google Reader shut down has now introduced a premium subscription option to its content aggregation service.

The development was first reported by Engadget.

Feedly PRO will be available at a cost of USD 5 per month or USD 45 for a year-long subscription. Also, as a launch offer it is providing lifetime edition for USD 99 for the first 5,000 subscribers.   

Few of its features will include:

1) Article search: Search within your feedly feeds.

2) https: Add a layer of security to your feedly browsing.

3) Evernote: One-click save to any of  your Evernote notebooks.

4) Premium Support: Get bumped to the front of the support line.

Despite launch of its premium model, Feedly has assured its users that it will continue adding up new features to its free version. It also states that the launch of Feedly Pro is to make them more sustainable and enable them to innovate faster.

Feedly pro apps will also be available on other apps,“Feedly desktop is the first pro app but we are making all the pro features available via feedly Cloud API. So you can expect feedly mobile and other cloud apps will take advantage of them shortly,” states the company.

New features will also be added soon and which will be decided by premium users themselves via vote on what features they would like to have on Feedly.

Feedly Cloud offers an open API to third-party developers, over 200 of which have already requested access by June this year. For now, it has nine Cloud applications that are operational.

Just like Google Reader, it is a news aggregator for various Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Previously, if one needs to use Feedly, options available were either by app or by downloading browser extension, which works for sometime. But it does not allow pulling up of feeds from other system. But after it has develop its own backend cloud, user can access to news feeds from

Feedly has grown as a popular news reader and has positioned itself as one of the strong contender in the race of news readers globally. At the time when Google has announced its closure,  Feedly already had 4 million users (in March) and in May end this number had tripled to reach 12 million. As per the website, Feedly process almost 25 million feeds everyday.

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