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Facebook rolls out shared photo album feature

fb-photo-sharedFacebook, after adding hashtag and a trending topics section like Twitter, now seems to follow Google, as it recently rolled out the feature of shared photo albums, quite similar to Google+’s Party Mode feature, reports TechCrunch. However, the news was first reported by Mashable.

With this, the world’s largest social network, aims to provide an access to an album wherein upto 50 contributors can share more than 10,000 photos with each other. Each user can add a maximum of 200 photos and can tag. The previous feature allows users to add pictures only to their own albums and were limited to only to a maximum of 1000 photos.

The album creator gets the complete controlling authority over inviting other people to their album and set the desired privacy level to public, friends of contributors or contributors only. As per the reports, album creators will have the power to delete or modify photos in the album, but contributors will have editing power over photos that they upload. Also, the feature is not available for Page albums.


(Image: Mashable)

At present the feature is available only for desktop users and to all English users first before moving out internationally.

Apart from Google+’s Party Mode feature which allows real time sharing of photos and videos with the guests of an associated event, there are apps like Cluster, Albumatic and Flock too for the same.

This attempt by Facebook has already moved it ahead of many of the existing startups in the space. However, there are giants like Google, with its wide range of apps and Yahoo’s Flickr, offering bulk photo sharing services since long. Thus, at present, it will be really early to judge what would be the market share of the social networking giant with this new feature in line.

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