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Facebook to possibly introduce Twitter like Trending Topics

facebook-cloudFacebook seems to be borrowing another feature from Twitter as the platform is adding a trending topics section – in an effort to position itself as a real-time discussion platform.

Earlier Facebook introduced hashtags to its platform – which seemed to have gone lost in air as its quite a task to locate hashtags in Facebook users’ updates.

According to Allthingsd, Facebook started experimenting with its own version of trending topics on Wednesday. However the feature is available to a small percentage of its testing audience in US who use Facebook’s mobile site.

The users who are a part of this test however, will see a banner on top of the News Feed section highlighting the most hot topics/conversations that are viral on Facebook. Tapping the banner would reveal what others – friends and other close connections – are saying about the topic.

Quite similar to what Twitter’s trending topics do in functionality, whether the new feature helps Facebook or damages its credibility further is a big question, may be thats why the platform is testing the feature with a small percentage of users.

Twitter introduced trending topics in 2008 and launched promoted tweets back in 2010 – which ended up in a jackpot of earning $200,000 each day for the company. Facebook might also include a similar feature as Twitter’s to add another revenue source.

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