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Engagor, a Belgium based social media monitoring and analytics firm raised USD 2.6 million in Series A

engagorEngagor, a Belgian startup offering platform for real-time customer engagement and social media analytics has recently raised $2.6 million in a Series A, as mentioned in its blogpost. The funding round was led by Hummingbird Ventures, a venture capital fund that focuses on fast-growing companies in the technology and internet sectors.

Engagor, founded and headed by Folke Lemaitre, can monitor and analyze social channels in more than 180 languages to track all relevant conversations about brands, products, competitors and industries. The platform also allows companies to manage social media teams with insight into team performance.

The company started as a social media analytics tool and then incorporated the Inbox for social media engagement, which allows to keep tabs on social conversations and provides everything a user need to efficiently engage with his audience. It also provides real-time collaboration tools to effectively and efficiently engage with all social customers.

Engagor, launched in 2011, currently provides its services to brands such as PepsiCo, Volvo, McDonald’s and IKEA to manage thousands of social conversations on a daily basis.

It has also recently expanded its operations into the U.S and has launched its new “Team Performance” metrics to provide insight into internal and external team performance. Also, Steven Reading, former co-founder of Dogster, will anchor the company’s new San Francisco office as VP of North America Sales. At present, it has offices in San Francisco, California and Ghent, Belgium.

The social media analytics sector is also gaining attraction of the entrepreneurs and investors in developing nations like India. Airwoot is such a recently launched Indian startup which tries to identify customers, proactively connect with them in real-time and deliver exceptional customer support experience. Apart from this, social media analytics firm Simplify360 claims to reach 100-plus clients globally since it started operations in 2011 as per the recent reports.The company is also close to raising Series A funding.

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