Enabli – A crowdsource information platform

EnabliDo you have this lingering feeling while surfing Facebook, that you could be doing something more purposeful? Something like helping out your friends or finding what you need? From the founders of, comes another social help networking startup in the name of

Enabli is a free social application that empowers people to help their friends. In the process, people discover new solutions to their problems, get introduced to new people from whom they can mutually benefit and also discover new products and services.

The market opportunity for Enabli is typically global. Anyone who uses Facebook, and wants to be more purposeful with their relationships is a potential user of Enabli. The platform is currently working in an invite only mode. Further, the team will be using the strategy to increase its users by reaching out to students, colleges, universities and to others through Facebook. “The potential users for Enabli are not limited by geographic or demographic boundaries. All you need is a social networking account, and an intention to be useful.” added Jayasri, co-founder, Enabli.


On the product backend, the team is using an in-house Natural Language Processing engine that can differentiate ‘requests’ from other text. Enabli is based on Java, Servlets along with 3rd party APIs.

Enabli has a multi-sided business model. On one side, they have enablers who use Enabli for free and help their friends and neighbors. On the other side they have local service providers and freelancers who need visibility and referrals for their businesses. This aspect makes it a much like combination of Facebook and LinkedIn where users can even socialize and look for certain professional opportunity.

To sustain before building a sales force, the team wants to focus on technology development and user acquisition by relying on their in-page Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.

The founding team of the company, Kranthi Kiran – ‘The Ideator’, Jayasri Nagrale – ‘The Creative Soul’ and Gourav Agarwal – ‘The Code Ninja’ share the same vision of creating a platform to help people help each other. They have been working on this innovating idea since January 2012. Their team used the experience and user response from, to design and launch a new help networking business model, Enabli.

As social networks today are highly cluttered, due to which replies get buried and most often the concerned person doesn’t get a chance to see the question at all – Enabli offers a perfect solution. Another such startup working very close to Enabli is Dronna. But where such startups work on building an ecosystem of trust allowing people to get reliable advice from their known circle of people – how they survive and manage to gain traction while monetizing for their own good will be interesting to watch.

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