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A competition cum training for kids to build mobile apps in areas of social concern

mobile-appIn a move to promote mobile application designing among teenagers, recently Global Discovery Academy (GDA), a chain of K12 schools across India has announced all-India Android mobile app design competition, for students between the age group of 10-13 years.

Through this competition, GDA aims to ignite the creativity and technical talent of India’s kid, states the website.

The participants will need to create a mobile app that solves problem in areas of social concern which might include Environment, Education, Health and Nutrition, Poverty or Civic facilities. It will also be considering apps that provide any sort of help for the not-for-profit organizations.

Global Discovery Academy will be providing requisite training with easy to use soft-wares on mobile phone programming where the students would be required to form a team of two or three members.

To get maximum participation, GDA has kept the competition free of cost for registration. The competition will pass through three levels which include Round 1 i.e Initial Entry, where students would need to submit their idea with details including the area of social concern the app address, what will it do, end user of the app and also a diagram representing app will look like with also including how it will be operated. The selected ideas will go for the next round where they need to submit the app and finalists will present the app idea and prototype in the finals.

To know more about the competition click here.

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