Cleartrip launches Waytogo – a multimodal travel booking agent

Cleartrip, a third party travel booking aggregator on Wednesday has launched a worldwide route-finding and booking product – Waytogo, offering a multi-modal transportation booking option to users on its platform.

The platform allows users to book for connecting journeys – without any need to visit different merchants and risk the overlapping of connecting flights or trains.

Launched as a public Beta, the company has tied up with a Melbourne-based startup – Rome2Rio, to enable global search in transportation and booking ticket, using Rome2Rio’s advanced state of the art routing technology.

Waytogo – an automated search engine?

Its “easy as pie” experience allows users to sit back as Way2go does it all. As soon as user enters the destinations, dates of travel and information,it automatically works out and provides the detailed itinerary of routes, modes, connections, pricing and logistics.

The platform covers over 5 trillion routes, 2.5 million places, 670 airlines and 600 ground transportation providers (trains, buses, local transit, ferries, etc.) worldwide. One can find travel options from smaller Indian cities like ‘Bhatinda’ to global destinations like ‘Budapest’ or ‘London’ with every possible inter-country travel arrangements.. The website provides complete information about commutes to airports, stations as well as all the connecting travel options.

Waytogo – a waykipidea ?

To make the experience more rich, Waytogo has included a route comparing feature allowing users to find best and the worst options to their destinations. With India having a large road network one can always find dozens of alternate routes to one destination – with few of them being the roughest but the shortest.

Waytogo – in its route comparing feature – in addition to information like longer or shorter routes, also displays an indicative carbon footprint for each route option – making the journeys easy for all those “environmentally conscious green crusaders”. Each route is given between 1 to 5 Green Star ratings depending on how much pollution the route generates in relation to the other available routes. 5-Star routes are the greenest and cleanest ways to go and 1-Star routes are the worst environmental offenders.

About the Website

The website has a clean layout with simple user interface allowing users to easily provide travel details. Once user asks Waytogo to run the search, the route options come on the right with a route map on the left hand side.

The company with this new product claims to “make Cleartrip the Swiss Army Knife of travel” as Waytogo is a “powerful addition to empower the Do It Yourself traveller.”

Talking of the personal experience, the website overall does a good job and provides intercity travel options that are well known including Delhi Metro routes availability. However, it doesn’t cover interstate bus routes in the city – which might be introduced in coming times – as Cleartrip is still actively working on a few enhancements, tweaks and features to be added on Waytogo.

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