Cheapcast, a mobile app that turns Android devices into a Chromecast

CheapcastBattling with Apple TV, few weeks ago Google released Chromecast – an online video streaming dongle like device that can be plugged into a television and controlled by a smartphones, tablets or a laptop – making it easier for people to access online content on their TVs.

Now one might need to think again before saying that Google Chromecast is an entertainment game changer. The $35 price tag for Chromecast however, isn’t much of a big deal but for those who can’t fork out its cost and are looking for a cheapest alternative – Cheapcast is the answer.

The free Cheapcast app – enables almost any Android device to function as a Chromecast, just turn the application on, connect the smartphone/tablet with TV via an HDMI cable and effectively stream media to the TV set. The app currently is in beta phase – so be prepared for some early glitches or lags along the way.

Cheapcast at the moment, claims to support only three apps: Google Play (Music or Movies & TV), Netflix, and YouTube. Moreover, Google Chrome browser tabs aren’t supported yet.

Also, as the app is currently going through its development phase – many of its users – as per the reviews provided – are finding it hard to play stuff from Netflix, but if the developers have their eyes and ears open about users’ feedback – it should be fixed in the following update. So for now, the $35 Chromecast dongle still worth it, given that the app doesn’t provide a complete Chromecast functionality.

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