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BSE launches mobile application

BSENow investors don’t need to click on the websites all the time to keep a track of markets, but a simple click on mobile will be enough for them to get the information of stock price movement on real time basis. BSE has launched a new mobile application which will allow investors to keep track of the markets on the real time basis.

The new application will provide investors a direct access to all 26 BSE indices.

Ashish kumar Chauhan MD & CEO of BSE Ltd said, “Mobile telephony is a fast growing area in the Indian growth story. It is only pertinent for BSE Ltd to share important data with investors across the country via smart phones too. This initiative will further assist in creating transparency and convenience while sharing real time market information across various demographics.”

The investors can also keep track of the stock price movement at any given time of the day along with information on the top gainers, losers and turnover.

The features of BSE India app include


2) SENSEX Heat Map

3) Get Quote

4) Indices Watch

5) Gainers

7) Losers

8) Top turnover

The application is available for Android smart phone, Windows 8 desktop and window 8 mobile and can be downloaded from the Google Play and Windows Stores for free.

BSE Ltd, (formerly known as Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.) is Asia’s first Stock Exchange and one of India’s leading exchange groups.

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    BSE is living in some different world of its own ! Showing diapers, nappy google ads on its website during market hours ! Which Int’l exchange online website does this ? Is this really required? I mean do you expect traders, and investors during market hours to click on furniture, diaper ads ? Does this not dilute the online BSE platform. Now after so long an app comes with just the basic stuff – probably they need to look at the Int’l offerings. What about the T2T Segment, the illiquid segment, the rest of the markets etc ? We wait for another 3 years probably…

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