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Now apply for jobs using linkedin mobile apps – no resume required !

linkedin-mobileLinkedin, on Monday has released an update for its iOS and Android mobile apps allowing users to directly apply for jobs from their mobile devices. According to the company, over 30 percent of members who view jobs on the portal, come from its mobile applications. The step has therefore been taken to simplify the job application process for a growing percentage of Linkedin’s more than 225 million professionals.

Last month, Linkedin allowed its users to search for thousands of job opportunities on its mobile app. This feature will further help the platform to establish itself as another Job application portal in the market – on top of connecting with the employers directly.

According to Vaibhav Goel, associate product manager at LinkedIn, managing and editing resumes on mobile devices is a challenging part. With that in mind, the company has introduced  the update to apply for jobs without a resume attachment required from mobile. “We’re seeing members who never view jobs on the desktop, viewing and saving jobs on mobile” added Goel.

The service has been rolled out globally for its English-speaking members, though users need to upgrade their LinkedIn app to the latest iOS and Android versions.

For every job, users will now see an ‘Apply’ button clicking on which would enable them to directly apply for the job without any need to upload resume or cover letters. Some jobs will however, have an ‘Apply on Company Website’ button in case the company requires the applicant to apply on from their corporate career site. Users can also ‘Save Job’ to apply later and edit their profile directly from the app.

The company had also earlier introduced “Jobs You May Be Interested In” feature on its mobile and web platforms – as a job recommendation tool for its users.

Last week in its Q2 earnings report, the company earned a revenue of $ 363.7 million leaving behind the industry analysts estimates of $360 million as well as its own targets with most of its profits coming out of the Talent solutions products.

With this new feature rolled out to help bolster its mobile apps – which already were marking a 40% rise in activity – it wouldn’t be much of a big surprise, if the company once again clocks revenues higher than the industry estimates – using the new feature as a ‘booster’ for its mobile ads revenues.

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