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Amazon web store goes down for almost 45 min, touching USD 5mn loss for the company

amazonAfter Google went down for few minutes on Saturday killing almost 40% of global internet traffic, this time its the world’s biggest online retailer Amazon who went into dark for almost 45 minutes yesterday due to an unexpected error.

According to reports, web-store on Monday went down for many users across the United States and Canada for almost 45 minutes, although the company’s cloud computing services stayed up and running.

The following message appeared on the website for the time:

“We are experiencing an issue that is causing problems on Amazon and Seller Central..Our engineers are actively working on a resolution,” stated one of the Tweet from Amazon Marketplace account.

At the time of the outage, Amazon’s regional sites and Amazon-owned companies including Zappos and kept running. Whereas, the AWS management console experienced some issues around 12:14pm PT and customers had faced some trouble logging until 12:32pm PT.

According to ZDNet, Amazon owned was down at that time and Amazon Cloud Player was also not working well. Where as, and its services such as Netflix, which run on AWS, were working throughout the retail site’s outage.

Though its unclear for now about for how much time the website was offline as the time mentioned by various reports vary which is somewhat between 15 to 45 minutes.

According to a report by PCMag, Amazon pours around USD 117,882 per minute and if the outage time is 40 minutes then this would have costed USD 4.72 million loss in business.

Previously, in  2011 also AWS has went through an outage which had affected a hundreds of applications running in the provider’s US-East region and also brought down a number of its services including EC2, Elastic Block Storage and Relational Database Service, at that time Amazon took almost 24 hours to resolve the issue.

Well seems Amazon was well equiped with how to handle the angry customers as in message left by the company on the homepage had three titles i.e. Oops, I’m Sorry…My Bad! and Grave Mistake.

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