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Amazon made its foray into the fine art, launched Amazon Art

amazon-artAdding to its list of products, Amazon has now launched an art marketplace, Amazon Art to bring in a gallery experience for the customers. The platform will provide access to more than 40,000 works of fine art from over 150 galleries and dealers. Also, at launch, Amazon Art will showcase artworks from more than 4,500 artists.

The world’s most renowned galleries collections including Paddle8 in New York, Holden Luntz in Miami, McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco, Modernbook in San Francisco and Catherine Person Gallery in Seattle, are also available on the marketplace.

The new store, being marketed with the tagline “from gallery walls to your walls,” features artwork in five categories viz. Posters, Photographs, Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs (a type of printing process during which original works of art can be printed and reproduced). It offers a broad selection across many subjects and styles including the original, reproduction and limited editions of them.

When customers shop on Amazon Art, they can narrow search results to meet their tastes by using filters such as subject, style, color, size, price and gallery, enabling them to find favorite artists and discover new ones.

It has also built up a contact page where interested dealers can find out how they can display their works on the marketplace..

The collection is at present priced across wide range starting from $200 to $4.85 million, thus  increasing the accessibility of quality works of art enabling any customer to become a collector. Also, Amazon will be taking a five to ten percent cut from the sale of artworks on the site.

As per the previous reports by Wall Street Journal, Amazon was trying real hard to enter into higher end markets, to gain higher margins. The recent entry into groceries segment and the wine sales, a retail category launched an year back indicates towards the same.

However, this move by amazon has drawn mixed reactions out of the industry experts. Some is having the view that it lacks the artistic presentation to sell artworks on the site. While others are comparing it with online retail giant like ebay, who also tried to enter the domain but had not seen much success. Also, the step might threaten small art dealers and small galleries, with the fear of losing out their market to Amazon.

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