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4 Asian cities among the top 20 startup hotspots, Bangalore ranks 19th

There is no-doubt that Silicon Valley tops among the hottest startup cities around the world, but according to the latest data compiled by financial-software firm Intuit, Silicon Valley might not hold the crown of king for long. As in last decade a number of cities around the world have now become successful startup incubators, creating new business ecosystem and business opportunities.

As per the infographics, 4 cities from Asia including Tel Aviv (Israel), Singapore, Melbourne, and Bangalore have managed to be among the top 20 startup cities around the world.

The cities have been ranked based on the certain criterias which include startup output, funding, performance, entrepreneurial mindset, trendsetting, support, talent, and differentiation.

According to the data compiled by Intuit which has been detailed in a report by Genome, Silicon Valley ranks highest in all these categories and its influence spreads among the other cities due to various factors including migration of workers. About 35% of the startup founders in the city of Waterloo had previously lived in Silicon valley followed by Singapore (33%) & Toronto (31%).

The data also shows that a number of cities have even managed to outshine Silicon Valley in a number of categories which include:

1) 42% of startups in Melbourne are more data driven than Silicon Valley.

2) 20% of Santiago, Chile’s entrepreneurs are women, which is only 10% in the Valley.

3) Entrepreneurs in Singapore works 11 hours a day where as in Valley its only 9.95 hours a day.

4) Entrepreneurs in France & Paris are more educated than in Silicon Valley.

Lets have a look at the infographic


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