Yahoo buys Ztelic, a social data analytics startup

Yahoo on Thursday has announced the acquisition of a social analytics startup Ztelic to help bolster it’s R&D team in Beijing. The acquired company’s website seems to be shut down as usual, giving an impression that this was yet another move by Yahoo in it’s talent-hire play.

Based on social network data, Ztelic Technology is a China based company that offers services such as social-network hiring, online network management and third-party data analysis.

Keeping the acquisition amount undisclosed, Yahoo has said that post acquisition, Ztelic’s founder Zheng Hao will serve as the vice president of Yahoo’s Beijing research centre. Moreover, Zheng will split his time between Yahoo’s Beijing office and the company’s headquarter in Sunnyvale. Zheng was once the chief web architect for Yahoo!’s global R&D institute in Beijing.

“We will join Yahoo!’s worldwide first-class talent team, and we expect to bring our technologies and experiences in big data analytics, personalization and mobile services to Yahoo! products and its 700 million customers” said Ztelic Technology in an announcement.

Given the fact that advertising is a significant source of revenues for Yahoo, this acquisition could play a crucial part for the company’s  advertising products, as undoubtedly, Ztelic could help Yahoo to deliver more socially targeted ads.

Earlier Yahoo acquired Admovate, to use it’s ‘exceptionally talented team’ for Yahoo’s mobile advertising operations.

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