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Wishpicker, a one stop shop for the gift ideas

Though there are a large number of gifting websites available, but hardly any website helps users to figure out what to gift and deciding a right gift, often bought all of us in confused state of mind.

“What to Gift”, thats what Wishpicker is trying to address,  the category which has been untapped up-til now.

Wishpicker provides gift ideas and allows users to search them based on age, relationship with recipient, occasion, personality, budget and various many parameters.

For example, one can search for ‘Romantic-Birthday-gift-for-Girlfriend’, or even a ‘Creative-Anniversary-gift for Religious-Middle Aged-parents’

It has tied up with a number of flower and gifting websites to source gift products, which also include various other online stores (18) namely, Flipkart, Happilyunmarried, Fernsandpetals, etc. so as to bring them all at one place. Users can choose from a wide range of gift products, gift vouchers, experiential gifts, personalized and unique gifts etc.

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Wishpicker has also launched a Facebook app (still in Beta) that recommends gifts based on likes and interests of the recipient. “We believe that social recommendations will be a key to our success, going forward,” says the company.

It is working on a completely cloud-based model and do not hold any inventory.

The gifting market in India is estimated at USD 30B and online gifting comprises USD 200M out of this. As Gift recommendations have not evolved very much in India, due to lack of user behavior data along with this social networks providing insights about user personality, Wishpicker sees huge opportunity in using this data, along with machine learning, to provide ideal gift recommendations based upon user personality.

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For future, Wishpicker plans to expand internationally.

The company sees online gifting and flower websites as their indirect competitors because these websites are primarily e-retailers for gift products, and do not focus on gift recommendations.

People living outside their home towns who wish to gift relatives back home are its target customers these include people employed away from home towns, and students & NRIs was founded in January 2013 by Prateek Rathore and Apurv Bansal both IIT delhi alumni. Prior launching Wishpicker, Prateek has worked with Royal Bank of Scotland whereas Apurv has worked with Bain & Company as a management consultant.

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    First product suggested as a present for my wife was a vacuum cleaner. Hmmm, think Wishpicker could be responsible for an increasing divorce rate if not careful!

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