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TCS launches an app to maintain digital version of insurance for drivers

A part of TATA group’s IT service organization, TCS recently announced the launch of “TCS Insurance QuickPass” – an app that allows insured drivers to maintain a true “digital wallet” that includes a digital version of their insurance card and other critical policy & resource information on their smartphones.

The innovation is targeted at eliminating the printing needs and reducing the risk of losing valuable information. Also, it will help insurance companies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As per Suresh Muthuswami, President, Insurance and Healthcare, TCS, Insurers are seeking to be “easy to work with” and are looking for ideas to help them with this transformation, to increased customer centricity.

At present, the use of electronic insurance cards has been approved in 24 states with 4 additional states having pending digital proof laws. Also, the app will allow iPhone users to save their insurance cards to their Apple Passbook in states where digital insurance proof is accepted.

The app will also provide one-touch calling to speak to the insurance company executive, a calendar option to track events related to the insurance and access to the insurance company’s homepage, anywhere, anytime.

The TCS Insurance QuickPass will be targeted towards insurance companies as clients, as an effective starter-app that enable these companies to take their first step towards mobile strategy in customer engagement and retention.

The app will be made available via insurance companies to their clients

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