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Tata Communication introduces cloud based video conferencing app Jamvee

In order to make video conferencing more globally accessed, Tata Communications recently introduced a new app, Jamvee to bring in a multi-device compatible & cloud-based video conferencing service. The app will be for paid users and will allow access to 46 users for a common session.

The service will be delivered through the world’s only fiber optic cable ring around the globe that allows video conferencing both within and between the companies.

Jamvee basically works on a cloud based technology where every video meeting is tapped into a cloud based bridge through a global, Tier 1 network. To set up a call, the user only requires a PIN number to enter into the Tata Communications network. With the use of this service, the meetings can be done even if the people are widely scattered in the video conferencing room.

The application can be used on multiple devices such as desktop, laptop or smartphones and can be accessed anywhere from home, office or coffee shop. It supports the operating systems such as Windows, Mac and iOS. Also, the service can be accessed by Android users by August this year as per the company plans.

The pricing is set according to Per person, Per meeting basis. The company is also offering volume discounts currently.

At present, Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing service and uses comunications from various ISPs whereas Jamvee provides the service on Tata Communication’s own network.

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