Smartwatch – the rise of wearable devices

Communication devices are today heading towards the scenario of “Easy, Portable, Stylish and Accurate” wherein the portability is gaining some extraordinary acceptance in the masses. Upcoming cutting edge technologies are catering to this in the form of new gadgets and inventions, giving birth to wearable computing and wearable devices.

Wearable devices such as smart glasses, watches, fitness trackers, and others have already started to penetrate the human society beyond movies and Hollywood. Mobile companies are also using these third generation devices as a focus point of their success strategies and to stay ahead with innovation. The recent being the Google glass serving the purpose of a Smartphone  along with a face recognition technology.

However, Google glass might not be for masses, a new class wearable computing device which is making sense to a consumer are Smart Watches, expected to making a new milestone in the stream of wearable computing beyond the era of smartphones and tablets.

SmartWatch is basically a computerized wrist watch with features comparable to PDA, smartphones. Sony launched a version of smartwatch around 6 years back at a price of $150. It required a constant Bluetooth connection with an Android phone and can display Twitter feeds, SMS, among other things. Recently, Sony has came up with Smartwatch-2 with features of NFC and water resistant capability.

With these developments, market has seen an overwhelming response to these next generation SmartWatches in recent times. According to Bloomberg around 1.2 million smart watches will be sold in 2013, generating $370 million in sales. ABI Research estimated in May that sales could jump more than 20-fold by 2015.

The SmartWatch war has already begun with world’s leading giants Google, Samsung and Apple fighting to gain the first place in the market. Apple Inc. recently tried to trademark its much speculated iWatch in Japan. However, the device is still reported to be in development mode. And latest is the rumors of Microsoft coming soon with its Surface Watch in 2014.

Fresh from launching a much hyped Google glass, internet giant Google is gradually shifting its focus on Smartwatches and is reportedly expected to give Apple a run for money, especially with the ownership of Motorola’s SmartWatch MotoACTV.

As per ClearCi, smart phone leader Samsung is also making a move into the SmartWatch market after filing a trademark for “Samsung Gear” which is expected to operate as a companion to phone or tablet.

While the giants are busy looking out for the best possible SmartWatch, a startup Pebble Technology made its SmartWatch debut on July 7, 2013.

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Pebble SmartWatch comes with the ability of Instant color changes using “outdoor-readable electronic-paper” along with water resistant and GPS feature. It also provides integration with  both iPhones and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, to set off alerts about incoming calls, emails and messages. With these unique features, Pebble smartwatch, is now on sale for $150 at local Best Buy stores.

Also, a new Smartwatch ‘Androidly’ is in reports, made by a group of Indian students, claiming it to be world’s first smartwatch to have full Android features built-in with additional features such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, phone and a camera.

While the war has begun between iWatch, Google Smartwatch, Samsung Gear, Microsoft and Pebble Smartwatch, it is interesting to see if it can provide opportunities for new players to be market leaders or will it still remain a big boys game, and how will it impact the smartphones market.

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