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Plumb5, a SaaS based real time analytics, personalization, and marketing tool

Digital marketers are spending most of their time in driving traffic on the website with the help of SEO, PPC, SEM, Social but the real game begins when the customer actually lands on the website.

The analytics data and numbers on the basis of which we think of a future strategy is typically of customers which are long gone from the website, but what about the customers who are there on the website right now, and most likely to convert.

There is a need to understand customers, analyze their behaviours, intents, and enhance their experiences, to create that ‘wow’ factor. Lot of businesses are facing low conversions, low retention, high customer acquisition cost, low engagement, and low average revenue per visitor (ARPV) as they fail to understand their customer needs or fail to take suitable actions real time.

In lieu of the above problems and challenges, Bangalore based Decision Analytical Solution has came out with a real time analytics product with real time engagement and personalization i.e. Plumb5.

It has a capability to not just understand who is on the website but also the ability to engage, understand insights, behavioral traits and to do personalization. It typically helps in broadening the conversion funnels.

As in Google Analytics one only gets the count, Plumb5 with the help of its real time tagging can provide the individual details of the visitor, how many times has he/she visited before and what were the past behaviours. If the visitor is unknown and coming for the first time, Plumb5 can let do the lead scoring which can further be used in cohort analysis, attribution modelling and more analysis models.

Its analytics also includes heat maps, basis reporting, parameters but the real power it provides to marketers is real time marketing capability while using the real time analytics.

Its real time marketing works with various features such as rule based engagement through forms, banners etc. For example if someones removes a product from their shopping cart, it can quickly provide a 10 second survey form, or some special 5% additional discount banner in a suggestive way, rather than providing the offer to 100% visitors on the website.

It can also help in personalization of the website for visitors to have a better experience and brand impression. For e.g. if someone’s past behavior shows intent towards buying mobile phones, it can provide similar products and if someone is coming from the Facebook page, it can customize the website homepage similar to the Facebook page’s look and feel etc.

It can also provide real time support if a person is stuck on any page with the help of a picture based chat. The support team can suggest similar product picture where a user can click and buy. This tool can come in handy for lot of style recommendation portals coming up nowadays.

Though the company has included lot of features in a single product to make it a competitive and powerful tool, it is still facing some challenges in user adoption and questions on how is it different from Google analytics? Well definitely it is.

The company was started 3 years ago by Veerander HR and Vijay, and has come out with Plumb5 after more than 30 months of development process. The product has come out of beta just few months back.

Plumb5 will be competing on pricing and functionalities against players such as Google Analytics Premium, Omniture, Hubspot etc. and is looking to grow in India and in US market with offices in Bangalore and New Jersey.

The product has been bootstrapped with internal funding and company is looking to raise growth funding to open up offices in San Jose and invest in marketing.

Plumb5 has already cleared a milestone of getting first 50 paying Indian and International clients while it was in lab for development. It has clients from real estate, education, retail sectors which even helped to evolve the product with feedbacks & suggestions.

It has come out in SaaS, Enterprise and API based models, with all plug and play components and modules.

Decisive is also looking to receive couple of patents in non-cookie based tracking technology which it will launching in coming months under Plumb5.

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