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Path, a social networking app connecting the closest of friends and family

As Indian market continues to be a hotspot for upcoming iPhone and android apps, a lot of messaging apps are getting popular in the country. In line with existing brands such as Wechat, WhatsApp, Hike, Line, etc. another app that is making a significant place among users is Path.

Launched in Nov. 2010 by former Facebooker Dave Morin, the app’s unique functionality allows user to access updates to and from multiple networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. The app is basically created keeping in mind the smartphone users as it cannot be accessed through web. It also provides the facility to import contacts from phone contact list as well as Facebook, Twitter and mail contacts.

A user can add maximum of 150 friends to interact, post “moments,” share media, and message individual users privately, which is just opposite as compared to Facebook where one is pushed continuously to connect with more and more people.

“Because Path is a smaller network that’s built for the people you love — the closest friends and family in your life — people are willing to share more intimate content as a result of that,” said Matt Van Horn, a vice president, Path at the launch of the app.

Some regular features such as chat stickers, personalized stickers shop, photo uploading and filtering options, etc are also available with the app. It also provides a search option to rediscover memories by season, holidays, weather, dates, people, places, birthdays, nearby, and more.

Recently, the third update to the app has introduced new features such as ‘Friend Progress Bar’ to provide friends updates  and ‘In Person Friend Requests’ to easily send requests using a simple QR code. Most of the features are free, but user have to pay if they want to access any particular sticker or filtering feature.

Although, the app is watching 5 millions downloads since its launch, as per the reports, only about 1.9% of iPhone users regularly access the app and Path currently spends over $500,000 a month for text-advertisements, which is a way too high. The app also came into controversies related to privacy concerns that involves making use of the users address book and contact list information without permission.

Overall, Path is a simple and easy app to be in touch with closest of friends and family. The app is free and is available on both Apple and Google play store. At present, it is being popularized among the masses as a smart journal, making social networking more personal.

Path is also planning to raise a $50 million Series C round at a $500 million valuation. It also raised $30 million funding round last year.

Similar apps for creating digital journals include Momento and Day One.

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