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Now manage mobile through PC and also share its internet for better productivity via Mobogenie

Chinese game development company, Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co. Ltd, has recently announced their new Android application for the Indian market – Mobogenie. The app is useful in managing the Android phone through desktop and also to use PC Internet while downloading app or ringtones on the phone.

Mobogenie will provide basic syncing, backup and restore features that user needs on day to day basis. It will also help in managing messages, contacts, and will offer an ability to send SMS directly using PC keyboard.

The President of Beijing Gamease, Chen Dewan believes that the limitations of touch screen and slow internet connectivity on mobile should not become a hindrance for users, for which the app will empower users for much effective use via a PC.

Users can access their personal computer’s internet connection on Smartphone using a USB. It will help in downloading larger data packet of games, applications on mobile without consuming mobile 2G or 3G plans, a utility which can come in handy in Indian perspective.

It works under 7 tabs which include Phone, Showcase, Apps, Games, Music, Images, and Videos. These features built inside Mobogenie will enable one to download, store and access these files.

Under the Phone tab, text messages can be received, read, and responded directly from Mobogenie. The Phone tab will allow one to view data from phone such as Contacts, Messages. App manager will help to install, update, and uninstall applications, source new apps for installation.

Music, Images and Videos tabs are dedicated to multimedia aspects. It also has a  fully functional Image Center (Image tab) which allows users to download wallpapers and Music tab to set ringtones.

To use its backup and restore feature, one needs to specify what all to include between Contacts, Images, Messages, Apps and their Data while creating the device backup.

One needs to connect the Android device to computer via USB cable after downloading the app to install the Android driver in the computer so that it can communicate with the phone.

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