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Moxtra solving complexities in file sharing, web-meetings, voice notes with binders

To help people master the chaos of their busy on-the-go lifestyles, a group including many former WebEx employees, have came up with a new application and web service , Moxtra Binders.

A Silicon Valley based company, Moxtra is a cloud based binder app, launched in beta 6 months back and has recently made its foray into the Indian market.

Currently available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android, Moxtra Binders is a free app for anyone with a project or collection of files, music, videos, etc., they’d like to keep in one place and share with others. It aims to eliminate the hassles of hopping from scattered files in PC, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.

The user can create separate binders for each activity. In each binder virtually any type of digital content can be added to a Moxtra Binder: photos, videos, notes, web pages, receipts, documents, email attachments, etc. Users can see their content as if on paper with no need to “open” each file, as the content is displayed in form of thumbnails.

The binders can be shared publicly on social media, privately or in real time meeting via email, SMS or Facebook. If the binder is shared with a group, any update done in the binder pages, can be displayed to all other members just like the updates visible on a facebook homepage. Also, files can also be shared with people not having Moxtra installed on their devices. It can all be browser based sharing.

Another differentiating feature is Moxtra Note. It allows user to create a multimedia presentation along with adding personalized voice notes in the binder. Adding more usability to the app, another key element is an inbuilt meeting tool, Moxtra Meet, that lets user set web conferences, allowing invitees to view pages in the binder from any browser within a real-time web meeting.

The tasks like planning events & trips, making hi-tech resume & photo albums, managing school projects & take multi media classroom notes and many more of such things can become extraordinarily simple with Moxtra.

The app is recently updated to support 18 languages localization support and have also introduced push notification for binder invitation and Moxtra Meet.

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