MFF India, engaged to add fun factor to people’s lives

With hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, the urban centers of the country offers a profitable market for businesses that provide leisure activities. But where most of them provide an expensive, time consuming and un-customised travel experiences, MFF India a Mumbai based startup has come up with a different approach.

With its positioning as workplace engagement & personal leisure planning startup, MFF India works very closely to the idea of “Making Fun Fun” – aiming to help individuals enjoy their personal and professional life.


MFF India is in two lines of business, Personal and Workplace, each aimed at increasing the current levels of fun.

For personal experience, the company seeks and plans personalized experiences as per its members’ convenience, budget and interests. MFF India has set-up a membership model which allows people to make most of their free time without spending any time or energy in seeking and planning their activities and with a complete freedom to choose What, When and How. Though its personal day-outing activities currently are limited to Mumbai region only.

Under its workplace model, the company works with clients to co-create a culture of fun at work and thus help businesses to increase their productivity. Through a diagnostic exercise, it understands the company’s current gaps and needs and then collaborate to set-up programs and initiatives, primarily within the office premises, for sustained levels of fun and engagement.

According to Puneet Goenka, founder of MFF India, this is more of a consulting process for businesses under which they apply some researched activities and concepts to make organizations more fun and engaging place to work and make the communication, friendship, and collaboration better among its employees.

Talking of its competition in the market, MFF India seems to have no obvious rivals. However, there are other web-based portals that offer single activities that can be bought online, these include Tushky, OyeWeekend, and Blue Bulb.

MFF plans to host group events for members giving them the opportunity to network and interact with new people, once the company reaches a certain traction point. So far, in its one month of operations, 15 members have registered for its ‘personal experiences’ service. With Social networking and word of mouth as its two basic marketing activities so far, the company looks forward to a more aggressive marketing in future.

“For ‘Fun at Work’ we compete with HR consultants and service providers. Our USP is our focused attention on fun at the workplace and customized solutions. Unlike some companies that specialize in off-the-shelf team building exercises and off-sites, our systematic approach identifies the goals of the organizations and the needs of the employees before setting-up various programs and initiatives.” added Puneet.

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