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Letsbuy and MakeMytrip’s ex-Cofounders club to venture in matchmaking space

Marriages are said to be made in heaven but in India they come in two categories either arrange or love. Love marriages do easy task for parents or relatives as they do not have to go through hassles for finding partner for their loved ones, but arrange marriage can sometime be a daunting task.

Finding a right bride or groom is not at all an easy task, Indian marriages do have a high involvement of relatives and friends, but this trend has changed over the past few years due to coming up of online matchmaking portals.

Hitesh Dhingra, Ex-Founder,, along-with Rahul Kumar, Ex-Product Head, MakeMyTrip & Sachin Bhatia, Ex-Founder, MakeMyTrip has teamed up to tap the  growing market opportunity with a to-be-launched matchmaking portal, targetted towards new age professionals.

There were news last year about Hitesh Dhingra to launch a new startup, and trying to put together a core team for it.

Though its unclear for now how the website will work, but in advance it states that it is set to disrupt this space with its unique matchmaking algorithm, credible profile base and a host of other cool features revolving around privacy & safety of the user.

We hope they use ‘BigData’ innovations to compete in this already crowded space of matrimonials. Though startup also claims to leverage technology coupled with psychology for matchmaking, to compete in the market.

Online matchmaking portals such as,, etc. are working in this space since long, and are positioned as helping individuals to seek a right partner for a traditional way of marriage.

Also with increasing volumes of internet users in India, it might be challenging for early adopters to compete with new players due to the constant need of building the brand among new users going through the marriageable age and looking for options.

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