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Guppit, a social discovery cum affiliate advertising platform

Web has always been a popular platform for people to showcase their skills and abilities to the world, be it in the as blog or some kind of personal portfolio website. Understanding this, Guppit – a product of Admirch Media Labs, a bangalore based startup, has come up with a platform helping users provide with a way to earn a few extra bucks from their web presence.

Launched on July 10th in closed beta, Guppit is a web based social discovery cum affiliate advertising platform that allows users to convert any web link into a Guppit link and make money.


It attaches a 5 second advertisement to the original link shared by a user. Every time someone clicks on the link he/she gets redirected to a page where an advertisement is displayed and after waiting for 5 seconds he/she can “Skip  Advertisement” and return to the original website. Quite similar to what happens on most of the famous websites.

Guppit, by this way, earns money from their clients and share a percentage of it with the users. The company pays Rs 0.1 on every click that, that is Rs 100 for every 1000 clicks. The site pays its users once they accumulate Rs 300

“This is something what we usually find on popular websites, you click on them and an ad appears” added Himanshu Joshi, one of the founders. But most of the unpopular personal pages don’t get any opportunity to advertise and monetize from their online creations, be it a blog or something else. Guppit solves that problem and provide everyone with a chance to get advertisements for their web pages and make money.

Its another feature “referral scheme” awards another 5 Rupees for each recommendation that a user does for Guppit.

However the platform doesn’t pay if someone shares its link to any kind of traffic exchange website, tries to viral it as a spam, click on own link and other kind of inappropriate activities. One can always, share the Guppit link to social network profiles, groups, emails, blogs etc. and make most of it.

Guppit works under parent company Admirch media Labs, a technology company working to make online and mobile products that enables users to share content with people through an affiliate advertising process. Looking forward to a few more developments under its flagship, its first product was an advertisement server – to be used inhouse. Next would be a mobile application supporting Guppit and a couple of user analytic products.

Founded by Himanshu Joshi and Puneet Poddar, an IIM Bangalore alumni, Guppit is a unique platform to associate with brands and companies. Admirch Media Labs was among one of the five selected companies in Kyron’s 2013 startup batch.

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    Thanks for covering us Devesh. We plan to improve our services and provide better value to the user in the future.

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