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Google planning to launch MotoX on August 1

With Google Q2 earnings results revealing the loss making performance of Motorola, Google will now be announcing the most awaited MotoX smartphone at its Moto X event, which will be held in Manhattan on August 1 as reported by TheNextWeb.

 MotoX is the first smartphone manufactured by Motorola after being acquired by Google. The analysts are anticipating a turnaround for Motorola with this new smartphone release. As claimed to be the “the first ever phone that you can design yourself”, the company ads also boast a lot about new voice enabled features and customizable displays.

As per the reports, the new phone will be featuring Google’s voice-command service — Google Now along with a new notification system wherein the notifications will show up on locked screen with a brief icon. Also, the smartphone is said to have hand-motion sensing capabilities which allows a user, for e.g. to start camera with only a twist of his hand.

As all the features of the phone are still not clearly revealed, the Google team seems excited about its premiere on August 1. Also, a few days back, Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google, was seen using this phone.

“I know you’re all eagerly anticipating what Motorola is launching soon. Having been a tester for a while. I’m very excited.”, said Larry Page, CEO, Google.

According to Wall Street Journal, Google will be spending around $500 Million to market the new Moto X and the smartphone will be available on all the major carriers in the US, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.

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