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Flipboard magazines – now available to be flipped on PCs

Flipboard magazines, one of the most popular digital magazine platform to ‘flip’ and read thousands of magazines on smartphones/tablets will now also be available on web. Users can now access their accounts on a big screen with same flip animation and will soon be able to use it to create their own magazines.

Having a database of more than 2 million magazines on themes from surfing, Sherlock Holmes to social issues like child labour, modern day slavery – the move will help Flipboard to further grow its readership and make the platform available to those who prefer reading on PCs and Laptops over mobile devices.

Working to launch more features in its web platform as available in its mobile apps, currently users can only access to the editorially curated list of magazines built into the web experience. Other additions will be search, your subscriptions, table of contents and create magazines (curation).

Despite of the fact that its web integration is designed to  support various desktop browsers including IE9+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, its developers have worked well on its UI which resizes itself as per the screen size. Intended to offer a seamless experience to its users, the website could be accessed in 11 different languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German.

To flip pages, users can either click on the directional arrows on the screen with a mouse or navigate with the right and left arrow keys or tap spacebar to advance one page. One can also disable the ‘flip’ animation and go with the ‘boring’ way.

Flipboard is a social network information aggregator which collects the content from various social medias and other websites and presents it in a digital magazine form including page-turning animations, allowing users to read news, blogs, and other articles. Moreover, a user can create his/her own magazine and share it with the world. Originally designed for the iPad, the service was later launched in Android, Windows Phone and other iOS devices.

In 2011, the company raised US $60.5 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins caufield & Byer, Index Ventures, Insight Venture Partners and media innovators including Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Ashton Kutcher, and The Chernin Group.

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