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Facebook launches stickers for web users

Facebook stickers, first launched for Android and iOS apps, is now available for the desktop users too as reported by allfacebook. Uptill now web users can only send emoticons to their friends while chatting.

Stickers are different than emoticons. They’re detailed illustrations of characters with personality.

Its easy to send a sticker.

  1. Open a message or chat with the person you want to send the sticker to

  2. Click the smiley face in the composer box

  3. Scroll to see the available stickers

  4. Click on the sticker you want to send automatically to your friend

Initially, a user will get a set of few stickers. However, by a Click on the basket in the top right of the screen, more stickers can be downloaded. Users can also switch between sticker packs by clicking on the sticker pack they want to use.

In comparison to other messaging apps offering similar features such as Line offering paid stickers, facebook stickers are currently free for all users. Although, at first it seems that it will not benefit facebook monetarily, it may help facebook in getting a competitive edge against players such as Google Hangouts and to compete with rising engagement of uses on the messaging apps.

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