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European airtravel claims settlement portal, looking to promote its services for Indian travellers

In year 2012, it has been estimated that more than 3700 connections between Mumbai and London, have left around Euro 5 million (INR 39 crore approx.) unclaimed as a  compensation for delayed flight delays, cancellations, diversions and missed connections. To bridge this higlighted gap and handle all the end -to-end processing, the Europe based startup, has recently announced to extent its services for Indian travellers boarding a fight under EU regulation. is a cloud based, real-time platform that helps all passengers, regardless of nationality, in getting their claims from airline services, if their flight is operated within the EU, outbound from the EU or inbound to the EU while operated by an EU carrier.

As there are strong EU regulations for air carriers, a compensation of up to INR 46,800 (Euro 600) can be claimed by the passenger for a delay of at least 3 hours to the final destination. Also, claims can be made up to 6 years retroactively, meaning that passengers travelling to and from the UK since 2007 on a flight qualifying for compensation are eligible to take claims as per the company. earns revenues from charging 25% commission of the successful settlement made by the airlines against the claim a traveller is eligible of, which otherwise might go in vain.

Eve Buechner, CEO,, believes that the penetration into the Indian market is an important milestone in their mission to become the international traveller’s best friend. “Many passengers are not aware of their rights, and those who are and try to file a claim face a complicated bureaucratic system impeding their claims.”

Launched in mid 2012, the startup is backed by a pan-European network of legal experts and works in partnership with various consumer organisations across Europe. It makes use of the Advance Business Logic technology (ABL) to analyse data entered by the user, in order to identify whether the claims can be made or not.

Till date, German website has processed passenger claims for airline compensation from 122 airlines for passengers in more than 50 countries in around 5 continents as per the information on its website.

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