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Amazon GameCircle now open for Android devices

Amazon GameCircle which was launched a year back for only Kindle is now available for Android devices as well, as announced in a blog post.

It provides game developers easy to implement achievements, leaderboards to compare scores, and saved game syncing, across Kindle Fire and other Android devices.

Whispersync technology in GameCircle is a solution to automatically resolve conflicts and queue updates if a user is playing the game offline.  It supports Java, JNI, and Unity3D.

To get started with the gamecircle, a developer needs to Download the Amazon Mobile App SDK, which includes the GameCircle APIs, and then create a developer account.

Google has also launched a similar feature set with Google Play games service. It also allows game progress tracking, leaderboards, and achievements to be stored in the cloud and synced between devices, plus supports real-time multiplayer gaming.

However, while Amazon’s platform remains till Android, Google’s game service also works on iOS and web in addition to Android.

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GameCircle’s early adopters included Imangi Studios (Temple Run), Spry Fox (Triple Town), and GameHouse (Doodle Jump, Collapse).

Watch this video to know more about GameCircle

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