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Amazon GameCircle now open for Android devices

Amazon GameCircle which was launched a year back for only Kindle is now available for Android devices as well, as announced in a blog post.

It provides game developers easy to implement achievements, leaderboards to compare scores, and saved game syncing, across Kindle Fire and other Android devices.

Whispersync technology in GameCircle is a solution to automatically resolve conflicts and queue updates if a user is playing the game offline.  It supports Java, JNI, and Unity3D.

To get started with the gamecircle, a developer needs to Download the Amazon Mobile App SDK, which includes the GameCircle APIs, and then create a developer account.

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Google has also launched a similar feature set with Google Play games service. It also allows game progress tracking, leaderboards, and achievements to be stored in the cloud and synced between devices, plus supports real-time multiplayer gaming.

However, while Amazon’s platform remains till Android, Google’s game service also works on iOS and web in addition to Android.

GameCircle’s early adopters included Imangi Studios (Temple Run), Spry Fox (Triple Town), and GameHouse (Doodle Jump, Collapse).

Watch this video to know more about GameCircle

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