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Aggregating wine and alcohol vendors in an online marketplace, now LetsbuyDrink

It often happens a party mood is disrupted by a sudden leave to market for grabing your favourite liquor, and adding spice to the disruption, sometime your liquor vendor might not be having the liquor of your choice. What about females? It sometimes become inconvenient for a female when she goes to buy alcohol at a shop when certain unexpected eyes are browsed over her. Keeping all these things in mind, latest entrant in the ecommerce space, Noida based LetsBuyDrink has bought in liquor vendors on a one set platform to bring their offerings online.

Based on a marketplace model, LetsBuyDrink has tied up with a number of sellers across, to list their stock on the website. As according to the Indian Government norms selling liquor requires licenses, Dhruv Khandelwal, co-founder, said that they are not selling liquor themselves and just providing a platform for bringing sellers and buyers together. Though, the sellers listed are license holders by the government of India to sell liquor. “As we are not keeping any inventory so we don’t need a license,” he added.


It works on marketplace model, where the buyer can go to the website and place the order, Letbuydrink team takes that information and forward it to the nearest retailer of the area who has that product and the retailer makes the delivery, much like Aaramshop model in spirited drinks.

And as while selling liquor one has to take care of the legal age of the buyer, to ensure the buyer is in the legal age of buying liquor, website has made provision for buyer to upload his/her identity proof prior buying.

Currently there are 1100 brands and 2000 products that are listed on the website which include- alcoholic drinks like beer, whisky, imported wines, spirits, liqueurs, non-alcoholic beverages. Few of the brands include Jack Daniels, Jim beam, hoegaarden, absolut vodka, Sapporo beer, etc. The website also offers coffee.

The online catalogue provides the brief description about the alcoholic drink which includes a brief history of the company, country of origin and how that particular drink is produced.

Speaking over the market opportunity in this niche category, Dhruv said,“ All India liquor market right now is INR 80,000 crores, International liquor market is INR 20,000 crore which we are taking care of, and currently we are in two cities and once we increase our presence in different cities then our market share will increase which is nothing right now. If you talk about opportunity its INR 20,000 crores when we are only dealing into international, and if we go domestic its INR 80,0000 crores market. Its a huge market for everyone.”

As per the company, though in 2 months they got a nominal response from the people but now they are getting decent amount of orders, though decline to share the numbers.

The company is self funded, but would be looking for options to raise funds. Currently its not monetising through its services, but will go for monetisation in the coming time and will work on a commission based model.

LetsbuyDrink went live in April and currently its services are available in Delhi and Maharashtra, and in next couple of weeks it will be launching operations in Gurgaon and later in Pune & Bangalore. It might also go for a mobile app in the coming time.

It is working with a team of four and most of the work is outsourced. Currently, it is pitching to customers only via social media marketing and SEO’s.

Few other dealing in the same category include,, etc.

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    Interesting Article …. a few questions though … can the online market place openly advertise about its products (that is liquor) through electronic / print media like Flipkart or Myntra does? Also, the age factor is quite difficult to administer for online purchases? Is their any restrictions by law on such a business model ?

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      They are displaying the products after confirming the legal drinking age, and when i tried to register they are asking for identity proof, so there is some good things they are doing. I think what they are doing is Justify, they are trying there level best to overcome on these issue.
      Great services. Love the new way of serving people in the beverages.

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