16 Free Widgets that are a Must-Have for all Online Stores

Ecommerce in India is a wide and open playing field, but hardly an even one. There are 2 kinds of online stores out there- there are the biggies, backed by rock-solid tech teams and deep pockets that can build any feature almost overnight. And then there are the SMBs which run their online stores on 3rd party ecommerce platforms like Zepo, Martjack or BuildaBazaar, slightly hindered as far as features are concerned.

But there is always that one tool that you can easily explore i.e. 3rd party JavaScript tools. We at Zepo frequently come across store owners on the lookout for tools and features that will enhance their online stores that little bit more. Therefore, below is a consolidated list of third part JavaScript widgets that can easily be embedded on your online store, with just a copy & paste of the JavaScript code.

Marketing and Sales Tools:

Marketing and sales are your revenue generators. Integrate these wicked tools to your online store and see the magic!

1.   PunchTab: A cool marketing tool, once integrated, lets you reward your customers with offers and discounts in exchange for social media likes or tweets.

2. Justuno Social Bribery : Bribe your customers to take social media actions like Facebook likes or email subscription in return of instant discounts with JustUno!

3. Commerce Sciences: Offers smart behavioral targeted custom messages to visitors, email subscription form and more for your store.

4. Wibiya: An elegant widget which lets you give customized messages to each visitor and encourages them to take actions favorable to you. It can also be used to display new discounts or offers with a button linking to a desired page.

5. SpringMetrics Twitter Offers:  Put up custom messages with a tweet button to let customers unlock discounts when they tweet about your store.

6. AddThis: Boost page views and increase conversions on your store with AddThis’s many widgets. Be it announcing discounts to visitors with a welcome bar or promoting top trending content from your blog.

7. HelloBar: Drive more attention to your most important website content with Hello Bar. Be it capturing leads, promoting blog posts, selling products or social media sharing.

8. GoingUp Weebar: Use Weebar to put up a customizable and nifty message bar that seamlessly drops down from the top of your web page.

9. ViralMint: ViralMint will help you add a social and viral factor to all your marketing campaigns. It is an on-site marketing product which helps you generate new fans, increase sales, and improve conversion and engagement!

Customer Support and Feedback Tools:

Customer support and feedback tools are a means to retain customers.

1. WebEngage:  Put up a feedback form or make visitors drool by announcing kickass discounts on your online store.

2. Dropifi : Give people a means to enquire on products, sales or about anything on your store with customized enquiry forms.

3. Zopim: Answer queries or help with issues of your store visitors- all in real time with this most widely used live chat tool

4. KodeCRM: Another tool to address your customer support needs, Kodecrm offers live chat solutions for your online store.

5. Joi.IM: A unique live chat tool which lets people to chat with their friends and family directly from your site. This increases referral traffic and time spent on site which might lead to increased buying.

6. Skype: Do away with all other live chats and provide a much more personalized service by adding a Skype button to your online store. Let people directly text or call you through Skype.

7. SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool. Create surveys on the fly and embed them on your online store to collect responses from your visitors. Be it polls, questionnaires, customer feedback or market research.

Have we missed out any? Do you know any more such useful tools? Do let us know so that we can keep adding to this list.

Happy Selling!!

(About the Author : Tanya is part of Team Zepo, a start-up that helps small businesses start their own online stores easily. She writes about e-commerce trends and other resources that help small e-commerce businesses in India. You can read more of her posts on the Zepo blog)

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    Great article! I found this stuff useful. I would like to add one more feedback widget to the list: Feedbackly. I personally use it and I am pleased with the results I am getting so far. It is easy to use and gets the job done when it comes to collecting feedback from visitors. If there is anyone interested in this product, I will leave the link to their website for more details.

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    Lovely collection of FREE widgets…just installed Commerce sciences and having fun with it while customizing. We have been using Zopim and loving it too!!!

    Thanks Guyz! you ROCK!!!

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