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Tata Communications announces cross-border hackathon between Silicon Valley and Bangalore

Tata Communications is hosting a first of its kind cross-boundaries hackathon between Bangalore and Silicon Valley, company announced in a press release. Over 200 developers from both locations will work together for 48 hours to create new collaboration applications.

Competitors will build tools using new open APIs (application programming interface), including WebRTC, and Tata Communications will aid the winning concept by providing USD 75,000 in cash and prizes. Moreover, the winning concept will receive further support from Tata Communications throughout November 2013 under an incubation program.

“The key to successful collaboration technology is to increase productivity, regardless of location or synchronicity. Tata Communications is excited to sponsor this hackathon which will catalyse new ideas, apps and tools for collaboration based on open systems. Bringing together teams from Bangalore and Silicon Valley for the first time will enable a new creative force in this important sector.” said Julie Woods-Moss, Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of Nextgen, Tata Communications.

The event is scheduled on July 12 and 13 at nestGSV, Redwood City, California for American developers and Microsoft Accelerator, Bangalore, for India. The registration for Silicon Valley applicants is now open with having its Bangalore registration lines due to be opened soon.

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