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Webnext Technologies launches cloud reminder service

Bangalore based, Webnext technologies, has recently launched a cloud based reminder service called The new technology will allow users to keep all the important day to day tasks in a system which will automatically remind the users of their important Meetings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc which needs to be remembered.

Usually people keep their reminders on their phones, different computers, etc. The problem is that none of their reminders are in one location. In addition, if their Mobile is lost or the computer crashes everything that has been stored is lost.

IMP-Reminders provides perfect solution for all these problems, and provide an online application that has nothing to do with mobiles & computers, all being in the cloud. But all reminders are being emailed or texted.

To use the service one doesn’t need any software, user just need to register and choose a plan making it simple & secure.

Services can be used by opting from a range of plans which costs from INR 99 – INR 999 a year depending upon the requirements and the type of alerts the user wants to set for personal plans. Whereas the corporate plans can vary from INR 999 to INR 4999 a year.

When a new reminder is created or an existing reminder is edited, it is automatically  updated on the cloud for all computers and devices to recognize and no synchronization is required.

Its services can also be accessed through all Android smartphones.

Launched in 2011, Webnext Technologies provides web, graphic and IT services for its clients.

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