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Snapdeal now brands its fulfillment process as ‘Safeship’

With multiple options of online marketplaces available for sellers, Snapdeal has taken another step to attract more of them by announcing its fulfillment service labelled with a title called ‘SafeShip’.

The service provides an easy process for sellers to choose right logistics partner for a particular order among various third party logistics solution providers working with snapdeal marketplace. It works on the data analytics of past performances on that particular pin-code along with pricing figures.

Though this is not a new functionality launched by Snapdeal as it was using it earlier for selecting most suited logistics partners.

Also several other online marketplaces are optimising their logistics partner selection through similar mechanism for sellers but may not be using an exclusive title for it.

Sellers can avail this service in two ways. Firstly, by shipping the product to customers through Snapdeal’s logistics partners and secondly, by routing the order through Snapdeal’s fulfillment centres and then ship it to the customer.

“A major challenge that sellers face is that most of them do not have the resources or the know-how to fulfill the customer orders received while paying the right price for fulfillment. As a solution to this challenge, we have launched SafeShip – a one-click order fulfillment service for sellers, said Rohit Bansal, Co-founder and COO, on launch of Safeship.

Additional feature of Safeship includes 100% trackability for sellers to ship and track their products across India. It also handles pre-shipment verification, returns/replacement/refunds processing and product quality control.

All of this though sounds very similar to with the cloud order management solution used by Snapdeal, called Unicommerce with both the Snapdeal’s founders having minority stakes in it, which means now sellers may see ‘Safeship’ logo in their dashboard. has also launched TrustPay – to safeguard consumers from sellers and to ensure easy refunds and customer satifaction, which too was a branded process.

Snapdeal is backed by eBay Inc, Intel Capital, ru-Net, Saama Capital, NVP, Kalaari Capital, BVP and various other angel investors.

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    Unicommerce’s product is much advanced in terms of features. Fulfilment is one very small thing which they offer. They can never be compared with SafeShip

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