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Sahara Q shop goes online

After making a strong retail debut in multiple cities of India, Sahara Q shop, retail venture of Sahara India Pariwar is now all set to take on the ecommerce wave with its new online store

It was launched on June 10th on the birthday of Subrata Roy, Founder and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar.

Talking to the Ecommerce head of Sahara Q shop, Darshan Satgar, he highlights that, “There is gap of no big player being here at this platform(FMCG category), there were attempt made earlier by smaller websites but delivery mechanism was restricted to 3rd party, and because of that it was difficult to complete the delivery, and companies(Offline retailers) were not recognising ecommerce for this industry,”

“Even the smaller websites that have been launched had limited reach to few cities or states. So for Sahara, its an opportunity to explore this industry,” he added.

He also claims that it will be a long term approach and the company will provide immense learning for expansion giving an early mover advantage.

All the products being offered will be private labelled with Sahara Q. For now it has over 300 products being listed. Beverages, processed food, personal care, home care, etc are the few categories to be added for now with introduction of more categories in coming months.

To start with, it will fulfill orders in 10 cities with 100% company owned delivery system, offering free shipping on minimum cart value of INR 500, which might be increased to INR 1000 in future.

For logistics, the company will use its own delivery network ‘Sahara Q Shop supply chain’. It controls the entire distribution process, which includes product development, inventory planning, sourcing, production, logistics, warehousing and delivery at customers’ end.

The website claims to deliver products in 3-4 days depending upon the locations, i.e. 48 hours for major cities and 4 days for other small cities. The company will also be open for bulk orders.

Sahara Q Shop’s online store will also focus on carrying its brand position by offering quality products to its online customers as its USP along with the convenience in delivery.

Sahara Q shop has started with a mission to curb menaces of rampant adulteration, dishonest practices of compromising with quality, under-weighing, etc. and thus will be focussed to provide the customers with 100% unadulterated and best quality products at most competitive prices says the chairman’s message on the website.

The company has also adopted ‘Sahara Quality Management System’ (SQMS) to ensure quality control which includes raw material testing, online process monitoring, finished product testing and secondly, Quality Assurance i.e. verification of quality systems in the entire value chain by developing and verifying SQMS of all food categories and non-food categories and eliminating all types of hazards (physical, chemical and biological).

The company is also looking for exclusive retailers for its private label.

Sahara Q shop, which was launched last year, has its presence across various states in India which include Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Delhi NCR, and Maharashtra. It competes with other retail giants like Future Group, Reliance Retail and Spencer’s Retail. It started with opening up 315 retail stores at a same time across India under the leadership of Romie Dutt, Exceutive Director, Sahara Q Shop.

Currently it has 550 operational stores and by end of financial year (April 2013 to 31st March 2014) this count will reach 10,000 stores across India as mentioned on the online website.

It will compete online with players such as,,, to name a few.

Other players which launched similar categories recently includes Homeshop18 and

FMCG is a hard to crack category when it comes online, but what might help Sahara Q Shop to sail through it will be its brand exclusivity and might be the higher margins being a private label altogether for more quality savvy customers.

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